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The Urban Snapper is a London Commercial & Wedding Photographer in Bexleyheath covering London,Kent and areas such as Bromley,Dartford,Sidcup,Chislehurst

The Urban Snapper is a creative and exciting professional photographer who is fast becoming one of the most sought after photographers for both studio and live events in London. 


He has fresh style with a truly unique edge that really sets his work apart, covering bands, festivals and live performances to bespoke shoots for artists, installations, film stills, not to mention commercial, business and corporate events. His huge swathe of clients include Green Man and Danson Park festivals, Frances Segulman Bounce and extensive work with various performers and events on the cabaret and burlesque scene with the award winning, House of Burlesque The Kitten Club


His laid-back style, eye for detail and energetic personality puts everyone at ease and ensures even the most camera shy feel relaxed and comfortable, getting exactly what you want from your shoot.

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